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    Before your EyeSTAR LASIK eye treatment you will have a detailed eye exam. If you wear contact lenses it is important to remove them in advance. Soft contact lenses should be removed at least 1 week before the exam and laser treatment. For hard and gas permeable contact lenses, this period is at least 3 weeks.


    On the day of laser treatment, please do not wear any make-up (eye and face), cream, moisturizer, perfume or aftershave. Do not drink too many caffeinated drinks. Since the laser suite is kept at a cool temperature please be sure to wear warm, comfortable clothes. If you are going to have your laser treatment during the day, bring non-prescription sunglasses.
    Before your EyeSTAR LASIK treatment you will be thoroughly informed about the procedure and told how it will feel during each step. After the mental preparation and paperwork are done, the medical preparation will start.
    Here at EyeSTAR LASIK Institute we give great importance to the preparation of the eye laser treatment because we believe that the success rate of treatments is very dependent on preparation. Your preparation at EyeSTAR will entail becoming fully informed about the procedure and knowing what to expect. If we feel that you are comfortable and informed enough, we will proceed with your EyeSTAR LASIK treatment.
    Meanwhile, our surgeons will be answering your questions and working on the technical aspects of your laser treatment, such as entering your eye values into the laser. Our nurses and laser technicians will be preparing the laser suite and calibrating the laser and other equipment, as well as turning on your desired music and preparing the DVD recorder to record your treatment. EyeSTAR LASIK treatment success is dependent on many factors, including the latest technology, most experienced surgeons, and VIP-service trained staff, as well as commitment to patient preparation and comfort.

    What makes EyeSTAR LASIK special?

    The technology, the team, and the facilities, including:

    • a fully sterile treatment environment: features in the laser suite include Hepa filters, a UV air sterilization system, a multiple air-conditioning system, and a real-time air quality monitoring system
    • one-of-a-kind loop system to optimize patient comfort and facilitate sterile conditions
    • private post-treatment relaxation room
    • listening to your preferred music during treatment
    • "Ready when you feel ready" approach: more questions? do you want to be treated last? or the next day? Just let us know and we'll be ready when you are.
    • Certified treatment service by strict German TUV-SUD ISO 9001 quality standards.
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